Backflow Prevention

Why call Tom Gowing Water Treatment for backflow prevention needs?

We can provide fast, efficient service with knowledgeable, experienced, and licensed staff.
We take care of all the paperwork and can help you meet your deadline.  If a repair or replacement is required, we can also take care of this in a timely matter so all you have to worry about is calling us.

What is backflow prevention?

The building code as well as local bylaws have methods that plumbing systems, fire sprinkling systems, and Irrigation systems all have to conform to.  These methods prevent contamination of the municipal water supply and prevent contamination within the building that is operated in.

Conforming to backflow prevention bylaws

A survey of the building must be done initially to see what devices may be required.  Then a permit must be taken out before the installation.  Next, the installation and test is performed.  After your building has been conformed to the local bylaws, a letter will be sent out once a year for testing of all testable devices.  Municipalities vary in their requirements of how often a survey should be performed.

What is involved in a Backflow Prevention Test?

A test usually takes about twenty minutes if everything goes well.  If a repair is required, it could take up to 30-40 minutes.  The water must be shut-off to the building for this procedure to be accomplished.  Scheduling a backflow test must be planned around when the water is able to be turned off.

What is involved in a backflow survey?

A survey of the entire building is done to ensure that all plumbing is up to date on local backflow prevention bylaw requirements.  This means that every room that contains plumbing must be able to be accessed.  A survey can vary in time depending on the size of the building that is inspected